Need a Freelance Writer for Your Local Business? Let’s Talk


So you need a Freelance Writer for your local business? Congratulations! You have made the right decision to take your business to its zenith. Why do I say so? The dynamics of successful business operations involve a mix of different techniques and strategies targeted at the right audience, to win their trust and enjoy their patronage. And the bedrock of all these, is effective communication – writing convincing sales pitches, proposals and articles, selling your business and services to prospective clients.


What Is It With Nigerian Designers and Failed Promises?


You've been preparing for this occasion. Everything is set and you're already drooling at the prospect of slaying with your well-starched native attire.


The Single Mum Dating Rules: How To Find Love Again


Having a child or children comes with responsibilities that are demanding. It’s even more demanding when as a mother, you have to do everything all by yourself. Life happened and your baby’s daddy isn’t fully in the picture. You are overwhelmed and may not feel up to dating again. Your child or children may be your number one priority, but you need to make yourself happy by diving into the dating waters and take a chance at finding love again as a single mother.


11 Makeup Kits Every Woman Should Have For A Perfect FaceBeat


The art of makeup is getting more recognition than ever before. In recent times, Nigerian woman have joined their counterparts around the world to slay in this ‘game.’ If you are a beginner in the art of makeup or want to perfect your already acquired skills, then these 11 makeup kits every woman should have will help you a great deal.


5 Life Lessons Every Teenager Should Be Aware Of


The teenage face is one that we all go through , when we are blessed with the gift of life. It might be just a few years, but it plays a significant role in shaping our lives, and how we eventually turn out - either good or bad. And to a large extent, our knowledge of life lessons as Teenagers, contributes to how that plays out.


How to Prevent Your Ankara from Fading


Ankara fabric has become a dominant force in Nigeria's fashion industry. From weddings to burials, you'd see young men and women, draped in its beauty. 


Must-Know Facts about Living in Lagos – The JJC Guide


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you must have heard a thing or two about Africa’s most populated city, Lagos. Narratives we see on the news and read in the papers maybe different from what is applicable on ground, depending on who is telling the story, but either way, they serve as a guide to put us through. 


How to Maintain Your Fashion Game even in the Rainy Season


With the skies dropping tears daily, making your fashion swag could be out of the road. You wear a perfect make up but the pregnant cloud threatens to wash it away; you want to slay with that newly bought dress but when you look out from your window, the emergency River Niger tells you "no".


Magical Ways to Make People Like You


Dealing with people and winning their affection isn’t the easiest thing in the world as humans can be unpredictable, and sometimes, difficult to please. But like having the right keys to a door, there are certain habits that can be adopted, if you want to make people like you. 


Tips on How to Rock a Suit


Suits have become a common wear, especially in official settings. From church to meetings, you'd see people wear them. You'd even see kids sparkling in it. Trust Naija people, a good suit is a must-have for everyone who knows a thing or two about fashion.

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